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Nissan X-Trail

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Nissan X-Trail


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

Nissan X-Trail interior

With that high roofline and extra girth over a Qashqai, it looks nice and commodious. And for the most part it is, though the rear headroom isn’t quite as capacious as the roofline suggests. The panoramic glass roof doesn’t help, but rear-seat passengers at least sit much higher than those in front, affording them a great view through the windscreen. Spend a few hundred Pounds and you’ll get a third row of seats, while the boot floor flips and folds into many different positions, underneath which sits a bonus storage area.

Invariably the more you spend, the better the cabin gets, but it never shrugs-off its years, even with the facelift’s changes. Fine layout-wise, but left wanting when it comes to design and material quality. Even with Nissan’s claims of more ‘premium’ materials, the surfaces and switchgear aren’t as plush as they should/could be. They do feel slick and dependable, however, and we suspect it would be a long time before anything started to rattle in here.

A touchscreen with Google connectivity is optionable, as is a new, specially-tuned eight-speaker Bose hifi. The stereo sounds pretty good, but the infotainment system that controls it feels old and cheap alongside the class best.

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