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Polestar 2

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The Top Gear car review: Polestar 2



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Volvo’s electric offshoot sticks the landing with a sublime battery-powered £50k saloon

We loved the Polestar 1 because it was beautiful and the hybrid powertrain was interesting, but it was hardly a game-changer. We love the Polestar 2 because it’s handsome, the build quality will give Audi drivers PTSD, and there’s a real sense of common sense about the car – that it’s been designed to work seamlessly, not to wow you with gimmicks then wind you up further down the line. 

There’s also a real sense of momentum about Polestar now – it’s got the design schtick nailed, this interior concept looks to be futureproof, and yet there’s a humility about this newcomer that’s massively refreshing. Of course, it’s not without niggles – the ride should be less jiggly, and coaxing Apple fans into a cabin enshrined with Google Android could be a challenge. 

Fundamentally though, the car itself is well-finished, practical and drives pleasingly, but it’s that sense of a brand really believing in its approach and starting to show its potential that’s exciting about Polestar in general, and the 2 in particular. Welcome to one of 2020’s star cars. And yep, Tesla ought to be paying attention. As should anyone else who fancies a slice of the electric future.

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