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The Top Gear car review:Skoda Superb

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Overall verdict
Bigger and better than ever, the Superb offers a whole lot of car for the cash.


Skoda's made an already excellent car even better. Truly desirable


It's a car for keen drivers to be driven in


What is it?

The Skoda Superb, the third generation of Skoda’s giant, range-topping saloon, now more giant and range-topping than ever. Spun off the VW Group’s ubiquitous MQB platform, the Superb is 3cm longer and 5cm wider that its not-very-small predecessor, with more space inside. Even more so if you opt for the ginormous Skoda Superb Estate.

Impressively, although it may be larger, it’s also lighter too, having shed a hefty 75kg (that’s an adult passenger’s worth of mass). Engines are mostly from the VW Group’s Sensible Range, with four-cylinder turbodiesels ranging from 118bhp to 187bhp, or petrols spanning from 123bhp to 217bhp. However, there’s a wildcard in the line-up: a four-wheel drive Superb with the 276bhp 2.0 TSI from the Leon Cupra ST.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
2.0 TSI 280 Laurin + Klement 4X4 5dr DSG
5.8s 160g/km 39.8 280 £35,650
The cheapest
1.4 TSI S 5dr
9.9s 125g/km 52.3 125 £19,730
The greenest
1.6 TDI CR S GreenLine 5dr
11.0s 96g/km 76.4 120 £22,035
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