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Toyota Mirai

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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Toyota Mirai



Final thoughts and pick of the range

The culmination of decades of work for Toyota, but it's for very specialist cases and hydrogen cheerleaders only

The Mirai is a big, luxurious car. Luxury saloons with a PHEV powertrain are the same price. All-electric ones considerably more.

It’s a bit slow, but it makes up for that in refinement and comfort. The suspension is ideally set up for the sort of use the car will get. It’s a nice place to pass time and distance.

Which makes it an amazing achievement, the culmination of decades of obsessively detailed optimisation and cost-reduction work for Toyota. If they can sell as many as they expect, general fuel-cell prices will fall further, from which will follow more cars and more stations.

That said, in Britain the fuel issue means we wouldn’t tell you to get one yet. It’s for very specialist cases - and hydrogen cheerleaders - only.

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