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Volvo XC90

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Volvo XC90



What is it like on the road?

Volvo XC90 front quarter

Sensibly, this family SUV majors on comfort. The handling’s not bad, but the main thing is relaxed well-being. Steering is feel-less but there’s not too much roll or understeer, and as it’s 4WD it has secure traction on wet roads. Caveat: so far we’ve tested only the ones with optional adaptive air suspension. The dash displays on most models are entirely virtual, and there’s an optional HUD too. 

The turbo-and-supercharged petrol has good performance but only four cylinders, so why not just get the diesel? Unless that is you need the amazing tax-avoiding ‘twin-engine’ plug-in hybrid, with 320bhp for the front wheels and electric drive at the back for another 80-odd. Safety aids help make driving even more relaxing.


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