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Series 3

Top Gear Series 3 (2003)

The series begins with a bang as the Stig drives off the end of an aircraft carrier and into the sea, never to be seen again. A new tame racing driver is hastily found, and is quickly put to work with numerous power laps following the presenters’ road tests. Several caravans meet their fate as Richard attempts to a spectacular jump in a Volvo 240, while Jeremy and James spend two episodes trying to kill a resilient Toyota Hilux. Stephen Fry, Rob Brydon and Carol Vorderman headline the list of celebrities vying for top spot on the Reasonably Priced Car leaderboard.

Episode 1

The one with the dead Stig

Jeremy’s love affair with the Ford GT begins (if only he knew how it’d end). James hits the new BMW 5-Series with the ugly stick and Richard drives the Porsche 911 GT3.

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Episode 2

The one with the new Stig

The Stig is dead, long live the Stig. Our man in black becomes a man in white, Stephen Fry hits our track and Richard sees how many caravans we can jump in an old Volvo 240…

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Episode 3

The one with the drowned Hamster

Richard does the decent thing and drives a Vauxhall Belmont into a river, Jeremy tests Saabs aircraft connections and James heads for the countryside in a Subaru Outback. Rob Brydon also stars.

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Episode 4

The one with all the Lambos

Lamborghinis. Lots of Lamborghinis. Jeremy tests the Gallardo and then joins James to reminisce about what made the bull the icon it is. Richard drives the Mini Cooper S Works…

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Episode 5

The one with the unbreakable Hilux

Fire, water and dropped caravans all fail to stop our indestructible Toyota Hilux. Also features a public information film about the dangers of driving open-topped cars with wigs…

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Episode 6

The one with the still-alive Hilux

Our indestructible Toyota survives being a building demolition, James drives a ’70s Aston, Jeremy goes on a cruise and Richard gets stuck with a couple of dreary French convertibles.

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Episode 7

The one with the Big Boffin Burn-Out

The world’s cleverest men do battle on our track, Jeremy bangs his head on an MG and Rory Bremner admits a love for Alfas. Richard, meanwhile, is lost in South Africa with a McMerc.

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Episode 8

The one with the Top Gear Generation Game

What’s best, old or new? Clarkson and Hammond slug that out while James gets all square about the Aston Lagonda. Richard also compares a Nissan Micra to an hour’s private jet hire.

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Episode 9

The one with no money left

With the series budget blown on the last eight episodes, the boys drive a few cars and invite Carol Vorderman to help with the numbers. Plus, the Chrysler Crossfire gets a good kicking.

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