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Try not to drool over the Alpha Saga Estate

Californian start-up Alpha has added yet more ultra-cool designs to its line-up

Published: 07 Jan 2022

Over the last few months Californian start-up Alpha has treated our eyes to several head-turning EVs that look just as home on a bedroom wall poster as they will on an actual road.

If you’ve somehow forgotten (and no one would blame you for blocking out large chunks of 2021) you simply must refresh your memory by revisiting the Ace Coupe, JAX off-roader and the WOLF pickup truck, which TG has been lucky enough to see in the flesh.

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There’s even a version with an inflatable tent attachment.

Now there are two more models to nourish your retinas. The first (gallery above) is the Saga Estate, which can be had in ‘Royal Safari’ metallic blue for all-terrain ability, or in ‘Grace’ metallic tan for - judging by the whopping great surfboard on the roof rack - trips to the beach.

Alpha claims a range of 300 miles, with dual-motor setup providing all-wheel drive and tackling the 0-60mph sprint in 6.3 seconds. Rapid charging is standard and battery heating and cooling tech is included too.

At 4,850mm in length the Saga Estate weighs a shade over two tonnes, so it’s not what you’d call light on its feet. There’s room for five people though and Alpha promises premium seat and trim material, a premium sound system and (presumably premium) Bluetooth connectivity.

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Then there’s the Supersaga (gallery below). It’s a little shorter and less heavy, and is projected to hit 0-60mph in just 4.6 seconds using the same dual-motor configuration. The key word there is ‘projected’, as Alpha hasn’t put any of this to the test yet.

And therein lies the elephant in the room. As good as the renders and studio models have looked, the reality is that we’ve yet to see anything that will, you know, move under its own power.

When TG visited Alpha’s HQ in California last year the firm said the plan was to start testing a WOLF prototype in the second quarter of 2022 ahead of a full launch in 2023, after which we can only hope that the floodgates will open for the rest of the line-up.

Keep those fingers and toes crossed.

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