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Ten Things We Learned This Week

  1. 1. You can buy James Hunt's helmet

    Always lusted after Hunt’s 1976 championship-winning helmet? Then you’re in luck. His actual helmet - the one with the iconic ‘James Hunt’ lettering on the side, once copied by Kimi Raikkonen - is being auctioned off by Bonhams next week.

    It’s expected to sell for around £18,000. This, or a brand new Caterham Seven 160?

  2. 2. Saab is back! (sort of)

    New Saab owner National Electric Vehicle Sweden has switched on Bertha, rolling out 9-3s for the first time since it shut down in 2011.

    Good news, right? Erm, underneath sits a Vectra platform, from 2002. Still, good to be back etc etc.

  3. 3. The McLaren P1 is really, really bloody fast

    News from the purveyor of our Hypercar of the Year: the P1 has achieved its sole remaining performance aim of completing a lap of the Nürburgring in under seven minutes. We’re not told exactly how much under seven minutes. But we don’t really care, because the McLaren P1 is really, really bloody fast.

  4. 4. Infiniti's Q50 ‘Eau Rouge' should have been named the Infiniti Q50 ‘Follow Through'

    Infiniti has revealed a new concept car called the Q50 ‘Eau Rouge’, named after the rather hair-raising and world-famous corner at Spa, featuring new aero tweaks and design elements.

    But they clearly missed out the most hair-raising, world-famous section of a circuit. It’s on our track. And it’s called the ‘Follow Through’.

  5. 5. If you live in Korea, you won't be able to pop down to your local Formula One race next year

    Korea - along with Mexico and New Jersey - has been axed from next year’s provisional Formula One calendar. Abu Dhabi meanwhile, remains. Fuhgedaboudit.

  6. 6. The Ford Fiesta ST is Top Gear magazine's Car of the Year

    And it’s flippin’ brilliant. That is all.

    The 2013 Top Gear Awards: full list

  7. 7. Ryan Tuerck is a drift god and his GT86 is absurdly powerful

    Ryan Tuerck has emphatically thrown down the gauntlet to our favourite dorifotu king Ken Block: you don’t need Bollywood dancing, gorillas on Segways or even a wrecking ball. You just need a really bloody powerful GT86 (828bhp), some natty skills and what appears to be the finest road… in the world.

    Your move, Ken.

  8. 8. Good news! Tax discs are dead!

    Bad news! You’ll still have to pay road tax. As well as freezing fuel duty for next year (yay!), Chancellor George Osborne announced in his Autumn budget that he will scrap the pesky perforated moniker of payment, because everything’s digital.

    Any chance you could freeze road tax as well please, Mr Chancellor?

  9. 9. Corvette doesn't care about the new Ford Mustang

    Hmmm, in the same week that Ford revealed its new Mustang, Corvette decided to release a little teaser for its upcoming Z06, designed to “deliver supercar levels of performance through unique powertrain, chassis and aerodynamic features”. We suspect it shall not feature a turbocharged four-cylinder.

  10. 10. Your town or city could win £10 million if it develops itself as a testing ground for driverless cars

    Yep, whether you like it or not, driverless cars are coming. The British government announced this week it was throwing some weight behind the initiative, offering up a prize of £10 million to any town or city that embraces the tech.

    This is all fine and dandy - as TG’s Paul Horrell points out here - but, erm, we’re a little afraid of informing Stig. He once punched a horse to the floor, don’t forget…

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