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The scariest passenger rides ever

  1. Earlier this week, we found out that our childhoods were woefully rubbish and pathetic. Because earlier this week, we watched a video where a 13 year old helmsman by the name of Kalle Rovanperä strapped himself into a Citroen C2 rally car and promptly went about reducing his fully-grown human passenger into a trembling wreck. Because of his skills, the git.

    It’s a remarkable display of just how excellent the young Kalle is. In fact, so excellent is he, we reckon this kid could become a future WRC champ. He will of course, scare many, many more passengers along the way to the top, we suspect.

    Which reminded us of the time passengers totally lost the plot while being given hot laps in quite fast cars. Times when said passengers completely and utterly lost all personal decorum and etiquette and broke down for the delight of millions of Internet fans. Like you.

    A while back, we gave you many funny examples of said passengers losing it. You lot even sent us yet more fine videos, and we felt it necessary to relive this wonderful collection, for your amusement.

    So thanks for all your suggestions, and click through for some light hilarity. And a warning that, should a competent driver ever offer you a passenger ride in something quick, make sure the camera’s switched off first. Or don’t.

  2. Riccardo Patrese vs Mrs Patrese

    Mr Patrese is a former Formula One driver with 256 race starts, 37 podiums and six wins under his belt, having raced for teams such as Brabham, Williams and Benetton. He’s quick, in other words. Mrs Patrese is none of these things, though she did get comically upset when Mr Patrese drove her around the Spanish Jerez circuit a few years back in a Honda Civic Type-R. He just smiled solemnly and didn’t say a word throughout. She said rather a lot more.

    Watch it here

  3. Augusto Farfus vs Mrs Farfus

    BMW touring car ace Augusto took his wife for a nice afternoon drive around some forest roads. Except the drive was in a 414bhp BMW M3, the forest was the Nürburgring, and his wife was really not happy about his speed. He counters this by laughing while she screams, and constantly reassures her that he’s going slowly…just before planting the M3’s throttle and opening up the V8. Priceless.

    Watch it here

  4. Damon Hill vs Dominic Littlewood

    There was a time when Damon Hill had really big hair. The Damon Hill in this video is that man, and here, he expertly shows why he was a Formula One world champion to consumer journalist Dominic Littlewood. Showing him the handling and performance attributes of the old Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG - the same model that Jeremy Clarkson used to own - he literally makes poor old Dom feel sick. Like, head-out-of-the-window sick. Dom climbs out, and Damon, ever the gent, just laughs and carries on without him.

    Watch it here

  5. Nico Rosberg vs David Coulthard

    A Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The Nürburgring. Current Mercedes AMG F1 driver Nico Rosberg and former Red Bull driver David Coulthard. Nico’s driving, David’s riding shotgun. David confesses early on: “I’m not a good passenger”. That, dear Internet, is an understatement.

    Watch it here

  6. A Rally Driver vs a Reporter

    Not entirely sure who the driver inquestion is - we urge you not to make any conclusions about that outfit, mind. No idea who the reporter is either. But it’s in a rally car of some description. And much screaming occurs. A must watch.

    Watch it here

  7. Err, another Rally Driver vs a Man

    Again, details on these people’s identity are a mystery - please feel free to enlighten us in the comments below. But before you do, just watch. Please, if you do just one thing today, watch this video now. Some wee may have come out of this poor passenger.

    Watch it here

  8. Jason Bright vs Darrell Waltrip

    Waltrip is a motorsports analyst, but no stranger to going really quite fast himself: he’s raced in NASCAR, won the Daytona 500 and is a five-time winner of the Coca-Cola 600. But here, he gets really quite scared as a hapless passenger in a V8 Bathurst racer while Jason Bright shows him what’s what. Many words come out of his mouth, including the gem, “we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die” while his voice raises a few octaves…

    Watch it here

  9. Walter Rörhl vs Barbara Schöneberger

    Classic, just classic. Barbara’s face goes through many iterations of ‘BLOODY HELL STOP DRIVING SO FAST’ during this three minute clip. Walter’s face is set to ‘—–‘. In fact, we’re not even sure he blinked. He’s in an S3, she’s in hell.

    Watch it here

  10. Valentin Porcisteanu vs co-driver

    ‘Vali’ is a Romanian rally driver who won the National Champion title in 2011. Here, he attempts to show his co-driver his impressive skills. His co-driver is not impressed.

    Watch it here

  11. Joao Barbosa vs Mrs Barbosa

    With a win at the 2010 Rolex 24 at Daytona under his belt - racing with Audi star Mike ‘Rocky’ Rockenfeller, Terry Borcheller and Ryan Dalziel - you would have thought that Mrs Barbosa would have some kind of idea about how quick her husband really is. Not so. Here, Joao takes her for a quick spin around the Daytona International Speedway in a two-seater Grand Am prototype. Some screaming happens.

    Watch it here

  12. Sebastian Vettel and Sebastien Buemi vs Some Passengers

    It’s a promo event, and one in which GEOX - who sponsor the Red Bull F1 team - promise to give out some shoes to everyone who doesn’t scream while being passengered by four-time F1 champ Vettel, and Red Bull reserve driver Buemi. Guess what? They scream.

    Watch it here

  13. Jordi Gene vs Grandma Gene

    Jordi’s brother Marc won the 2009 Le Mans 24hrs with Peugeot (remember them at La Sarthe?), while Jordi himself is a former WTCC driver, so clearly there are some Fast genes in the, erm, Gene family. Not sure they came from Grandma’s side, judging by this clip.

    Watch it here

  14. Richard Burns vs Jeremy Clarkson

    We couldn’t leave this one out. It’s our Commander in Chief Clarkson, being taken on a hot lap by the one and only Richard Burns way back when. Just sit back and enjoy.

    Watch it here

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