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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Audi Q2

Overall verdict
The Q2 is pleasingly bold on the surface, but plays with a very safe bat beneath it


Bold styling (for Audi), should be a doddle to live with


Not especially fun to drive, few real benefits over an A3


What is it?

This is what the people want. It’s a small crossover, the official car of the aspirational young things, and it’s made by Audi, official brand of the aspirational young things.

And to prove the point, it looks kinda quirky, at least by four-ringed standards. Monstrous Q8 aside this is arguably Audi’s least safe design, and you won’t mistake it for any other car in its Russian doll-esque range.

It’s chunkier than an Audi A1 or A3, but it’s little further from the ground in reality, so you’re paying for the aesthetic rather than a looming presence over other road users. The Q3 and Q5 resemble what we’ve now come to know as ‘SUVs’; we’d argue the Q2’s a little too meek in stature to fully qualify. But there’s a punchy colour palette, contrasting rear pillars and optional graphics to help provide visual razzmatazz.

There are engines. Numerous engines, and all badged in Audi’s wildly confusing manner that sees the lowest spec car get a chrome ‘30’ on its rump. What that actually translates into is a 1.0-litre engine with three cylinders, so make sure you read carefully what engine your chosen trim line actually uses. In short, there are three petrols, offering between 114 and 187bhp, and two diesels, with 114 or 148bhp.

It’s front-wheel drive and manual at its core, but higher powered versions can have AWD and an S Tronic automatic. Both of which are standard fit on the quick one, the SQ2, which effectively shoehorns a VW Golf R powertrain into the diddy Q2. Not that much of an ask, really, given the Audi is based on the same underpinnings as basically every small- to medium-sized car in the Volkswagen empire. Our Audi SQ2 review is here.

As standard you get 16in alloys, a 7in media screen, air con, parking sensors and a powered tailgate. Because lifting hatches is so arduous. We suspect most will be pumped out the showroom with bigger wheels (and therefore less donut-y tyres), though, not to mention fancier trim inside. Prices start at around £22,000 but irrational desires for larger rims, contrasting black trim and darkened glass will soon see you north of that.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
SQ2 Quattro 5dr S Tronic [Tech pack]
4.8s 159g/km 40.4 300 £38,280
The cheapest
30 TFSI Technik 5dr
10.1s 118g/km 54.3 116 £22,495
The greenest
30 TDI Sport 5dr S Tronic
10.5s 118g/km 62.8 116 £27,695