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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW 7 Series

Overall verdict
Packed full of tech and beautifully made, but the S-Class is still better.


Comfort, economy, feels smaller than it is, loaded with advanced features


Bit remote to drive, some tech a bit gimmicky


What is it?

A hugely important car for BMW, is this all-new 7-Series. BMW reckons its big-limo buyers run a mile from anything radical-looking (and it would know: remember the Bangle-era car?), which is why the big 7 looks, well, pretty much identical to the old one. It’s beneath the bodywork where things get properly interesting… 

The highlight is the bodyshell. BMW made use of techniques and production methods devised for the i3 and i8 to trim 40kg from the 7’s chassis, which incorporates bits of carbon fibre (some as long as a normal-sized bloke is tall) for added stiffness, strength and lightness. All told, the new 7 is some 130kg lighter than the old car. A net 200 if you factor in all the added kit, which weighs 70kg by itself. 

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
740d xDrive 4dr Auto
5.2s 159g/km 47.0 320 £75,640
The cheapest
725d 4dr Auto
6.9s 132g/km 56.4 231 £63,690
The greenest
740e 4dr Auto
5.4s 54g/km 117.7 326 £73,060
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