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Citroen C3 Aircross

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Citroen C3 Aircross



Running costs and reliability

Both the diesels emit less than 110g/km of CO2 in the official test, and the petrols (except the auto) less than 120g/km. That corresponds to official consumption numbers either side of 70mpg for the diesels and the petrols cluster around 55mpg. You’ll get worse – probably about 38-40 in our experience of this petrol engine.

The warranty is three year/60,000 miles, and there are fixed-price servicing deals available.

Citroen has a habit of offering good-rate finance deals, with additional discounts disguised as dealer deposit contributions. But you have to wait until the initial surge around a new car has passed. Without such offers, because depreciation is factored into the PCP price, monthly payments on an Aircross are notably more than on a Golf that has the same sticker price.

Still, the Aircross price list looks good value. Opening the batting is Touch trim, from a fiver under £14k at launch. But it can be had with only the feeblest engine.

You don’t need to go beyond the mid-level Feel trim though. All powertrains are available by this level. Standard kit includes alloys, LED running lights, cruise, air con, and USB phone mirroring.

But the only £0 finish is a mono red exterior and a grey cabin. So it’s off to the custom list we go. The attractive metallic colours are £520. The little splashes of exterior colour are £250. Adding the distinctive cloth to seats dash and doors begins at £350. So there’s another £1120 on top of the basic price.

You’ll also want some extra safety kit: active city braking, together with forward collision alert. Those come in a pack with the sliding rear seats and fold-flat front passenger seat. It good value at £490, but the safety bits should be standard.

You can’t get blind-spot warning or lane assist and the headlamps are always only halogen. In a town car, you’ll also make good use of the £250 pack for reversing sensors and electric folding mirrors.

Other options to taste are a huge glass sunroof and the grip control pack. The top-level Flair trim also gets you access to the options of a wireless charging pad, head-up display and better stereo sound.

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