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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Nissan Juke

Overall verdict
It's divisive but, judging by sales, in a good way. Another Nissan crossover success.


It's different, decent to drive, SUV-style seating position


Not for everyone, practicality still compromised


What is it?

Yes indeed, what is it? At launch we were tempted to say ‘not much’. The Nissan Juke is an urban poseur of a crossover, small-ish but not so small as to be truly urban-oriented, and it’s tall and beefy-looking to provide that hallowed element of SUV bling, without really having any off-road ability. 

Today though, it’s selling extrememly well – a regular entrant in the top 10 charts – so it looks as if Nissan has hit the sweet spot with it. It’s been enhanced over the years with a facelift and progressively more focused Nismo version, while remaining decent value for a step-up supermini that’s a bit different.

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