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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:DS 4

Overall verdict
A bit of all sorts but great at none of it. Just been facelifted - but that changes nothing.


Different, innovative and entertaining


You can't open the rear windows? Vraiment?


What is it?

Good question. Now that Citroen’s posh offshoot has become its own, standalone brand (albeit one that still shares platforms, engines, and many other components with its parent company) it’s started de-Citroen-ing all its cars. Formerly known as the Citroen DS4, the facelifted ‘DS[Space]4’ has gone the way of the DS 5. Expunged of Citroen badges and endowed with the new corporate grille, the new DS 4 is, like its predecessor, something a bit different. 

It’s still a five-door hatchback, but it has the profile of a coupe and the ride height of a compact SUV. A bit bonkers, then, and not entirely removed from the ridiculous twit magnet BMW X6, but somehow this has panache whereas the Beemer is resolutely vulgar. And then there’s the new DS 4 Crossback, which has a 30mm bump in ride-height and some new trim. It’s all rather confusing.

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