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Ford GT

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The Top Gear car review:Ford GT



Final thoughts and pick of the range

Forget the engine, the chassis is the star of the show here. One of the best handling cars in the world right now.

The Ford GT is not a supercar in the same mould as an Audi R8, a Ferrari 488 GTB or even a McLaren 720S. It’s the next step on, where they strip out the weight, ramp up the aggression and really work the aero. Really, really work the aero in the case of the GT. It’s utterly, I suspect purposely, impractical which serves to remind you that it’s all about the driving.

And it is a sensational car to drive. Always on the balls of its feet, it’s beautifully balanced, sharp, stable and rewarding. It’s also exciting. This is not one of those relentlessly efficient cars that’s too concerned about lap times to have a good time. Instead it sucks you into its world. It’s joyful, exuberant, friendly enough to entice the less experienced, talented enough to fascinate the chargers.

No, the engine isn’t that charismatic or exciting to use, but there’s no denying the force it offers. Just know that you’ll get your kicks through your touch points not your ears. And if it didn’t have this engine, if it had a V8, the packaging would be different and the GT wouldn’t have its USP. Because the aero, the buttresses and those ridiculous channels, aren’t only an instant visual ident, but allows this car to carve its own place in the market. It’s a compelling machine.

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2017 Ford GT powerslide

3.5 V6 2dr auto

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