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Lexus RX

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Lexus RX



Final thoughts and pick of the range

Lexus makes a proper alternative to the default German premium SUVs, so long as you prefer efficiency and comfort to outright performance.

“Lexus RX review: mixing sharp design with comfort, exceptional refinement and the benefit of hybrid technology, it gets a boost in practicality with the arrival of the RX L.”

Considering the relatively small additional cost to upgrade to the RX L, and the extra features that brings, we see that as the model to choose. So long as you realise that, while it is possible to fit two adults in the back, they might ruin the car’s refinement by complaining the whole journey.

Regardless of version, the Lexus RX is geared towards comfort, efficiency and refinement. Hustle it along, and it will begin to show some of its dynamic shortcomings. Nonetheless, few premium SUVs feel as well nailed together as the Lexus does, and given the company’s track record for hybrid systems, it should prove to be trouble-free motoring.

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