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Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Mercedes-Benz A-Class



Final thoughts and pick of the range

Connectivity and interior layout takes priority over how it drives. For some, that'll be perfect

The A-Class, especially with the enormo-screen option, has the potential to be a feelgood car. It’s solid, quiet if you don’t nail it, smooth-riding if you spec carefully, well-made, safe. There’s more affirmation in the fact that if you buy a Mercedes-Benz, no-one will question you.

But pick away at it and the argument has holes. The small petrol engine might be all-new but it’s unrefined and not even very economical. The A180d is a bit of a slug. The cornering is none too engaging. Back-seat room is nothing special. In these fundamentals, it hasn’t moved the class on.

Still, it doesn’t pander to the traditional road-test criteria. It has some real wow factor with the connectivity, which to some people is a greater priority than any of that ‘handling’ palaver. If you look at the way most people drive, the A-Class probably does what will make them happy. When its rivals catch up in terms of screen acreage, though, it could be in serious trouble.

Our choice from the range

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A200 Sport 5dr

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