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Nissan Juke

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Nissan Juke



What is it like on the road?

Nissan Juke front quarter

The Juke actually drives reasonably well, with quasi-sporty handling and fairly nimble manners. The ride’s not bad either and, while hardly a dynamic masterclass, there’s still enough there for your money not to feel short-changed. Just avoid the mean-spirited basic 1.6-litre engine, that’s all: you’re far better off with the 1.2 DIG-T turbo, which is economical enough without having the rattle of the pricier diesel. 

The Nismo RS is a rather interesting beast. It’s offered in two flavours, a regular front-wheel drive with 218bhp or a four-wheel drive with 214bhp but, shudder, a CVT gearbox. Of course CVT is short for ‘terrible gearbox’ and so you should avoid this one at all costs. Choose the standard car and you’ll enjoy an amusing hot hatch with a twist – certainly, with 0-62mph in 7 seconds, there’s enough power to help you keep Fiesta STs honest. Let’s face it, they won’t be expecting it…


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