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Toyota Supra

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Toyota Supra



Running costs and reliability

Do you care about the brand overlap and associations? This is a curious one. Normally BMW branding enhances a car’s value. Here I’m not sure it does. Toyota has proved it can build its own sports cars before and long term I’m not sure this one will be seen so favourably.

It’s expensive to buy, but so’s an Alpine A110, and a Cayman S is probably £10k more once you’ve specced it as comprehensively as the Supra. It’s a bit galling to see that BMW’s equivalent Z4 – bearing in mind roadsters are traditionally more expensive than coupes – is £49,065, though. The Supra is a rarer beast. Just 300 will be coming to the UK this year.

It’s efficient. Over the course of nearly 300 miles, including track driving, we averaged 27.4mpg. On motorway schleps it was up at 34.0mpg, with 70mph pulling 1,700rpm. It’s quiet and relaxed.

But do you want to own one? Over and above an Alpine A110, Porsche Cayman or BMW M2? Before driving it, I’d have said no. But the dynamics are good enough to put it firmly in the mix. 

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