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Series 4

Top Gear Series 4 (2004)

Top Gear completes its first ever cross-continent race as James and Richard aim to beat Jeremy’s Aston Martin DB9 to Monte Carlo with a combination of the Eurostar and other fast trains. Elsewhere, the boys invent ‘Car Darts’, use MPVs as minicabs, and find out what happens when you drive behind the jet engine of a Boeing 747, with metal-breaking results. Sirs Ranulph Fiennes and Terry Wogan feature in a roster of less decorated guests, including Paul McKenna, who has a go at hypnotising TG’s resident Hamster…

Episode 1

The one with the race to Monte Carlo

This was the episode with the first of our big races – Jeremy in a DB9 against Richard and James on public transport. Jezza also taunts an Apache helicopter in a Lotus Exige.

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Episode 2

The one with the nun in a monster truck

Ever wondered what would happen if you put a nun in a big truck? We did. Also, James gets nostalgic over Thunderbirds’ FAB 1 and Paul McKenna proves it’s mind over matter on our track.

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Episode 3

The one with the hundred-quid cars

Another first for series four: the cheap car challenge that started them all. The boys each buy a car for £100 and drive to Manchester. To keep the balance, there’s a bunch of supercars too.

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Episode 4

The one with car darts

Richard and James play darts with real cars in a real quarry; the Impreza takes on an Evo (again) and we race a satnav-equipped Ford Ka against a pigeon. Ronnie O’Sullivan is the guest.

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Episode 5

The one with Hammond’s lightning strike

Our first attempt to main Richard Hammond involved a Volkswagen Golf and 600,000 volts. This episode also features that amazing beach film with the 911, Jaguar XKR and BMW 645i.

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Episode 6

The one with all the poo

Richard finds out whether you can run a car on human excrement, James drives a modernised Jaguar XJS and Jeremy confuses the good folk of Tunbridge Wells with an imported Nissan.

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Episode 7

The one with Lionel Richie’s near miss

Infamous episode where we nearly kill Lionel Richie. While he’s out snapping wheels off our Suzuki, Richard and James go minicabbing and Jeremy drag races a Mercedes CL65 AMG.

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Episode 8

The one where diesel actually wins

Richard destroys some cars with the help of a Boeing 747’s jet engines and Martin Clunes behaves badly in our reasonably priced car. James relaxes in a Maserati in Sicily.

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Episode 9

The one with the parachute

Jeremy goes skiing in a Jaguar X-Type, Richard tests some slightly girlie roadsters and James finds out whether you can parachute into a moving car. With help, of course.

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Episode 10

The one with the Long Jump Challenge

We build a big ramp and test cars from various nations to see who can jump the furthest. Richard uses a dull Peugeot as a pace car and James buys a sofa. Patrick Kielty is our guest.

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