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Audi A7

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Audi A7



Final thoughts and pick of the range

Audi’s four-frameless-doored ‘coupe’ is back, with A8 limo tech. It’s an ultra-refined, if soulless, tech express

Audi’s deliberate ploy to not make a driver-centric Panamera/CLS rival out of the A7 actually suits it, even if the resulting car is pretty clinical. This isn’t a luxury sports saloon – it’s a luxury limousine dressed in a rakish, designer suit. Think about how it suits the type of driving that so many of us are confined to: traffic (let the car take over, enjoy the world-class interior), and monotonous motorway (marvel at the tranquil silence aboard). 

We’re also not in the least bit qualified to comment on this, but here goes: the A7 is also very cool. It has presence. It’s an interesting looking big German boat, without being fussy, and its technology is presented so beautifully, it doesn’t come across as nerdy or baffling. Wafting along in its 22nd Century hotel suite cockpit, with the engine often imperceptibly asleep, economy soaring, is an extremely relaxing, if not entirely memorable, way of getting around. And did we mention it’s cool?

You’ll need to avoid the 21-inch wheels, because they utterly ruin the A7’s serenity, and the 55 TFSI is the engine of choice for the time being. A Porsche Panamera is a more rounded machine, but the A7’s Grand Designs form is more daring and it’s over £15,000 less expensive. It simply asks where your priorities lie. As for how it gets on against the Mercedes CLS, watch this space…

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