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Ford Fiesta ST

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Ford Fiesta ST



Running costs and reliability

Though prices have climbed from the last ST, it’s good value starting at £19k, and the car’s extra features and especially its vastly improved interior will justify the outlay for many buyers. Ford offered very competitive finance rates on the old ST from launch, which we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for in the coming months.

The downsized engine slashes claimed CO2 output from 140g/km to 114g/km, meaning the new ST lives a tax band lower than its father, meaning the first payment is £165, instead of £205. Running costs are cheapened further by the new engine returning a real-world 38mpg average (versus a claim of 57.4mpg), with high-forties to the gallon within easy reach during motorway and A-road cruising.

The old ST liked a drink – its claim was 46.3mpg, but it’d dip below 30mpg when ragged – so the new car’s sated appetite for fuel is a real boon – and one the 2.0-litre VW Polo GTI and Mini Cooper S will struggle to live with. Expect a fuel tank range of 360-420 miles, depending on how able you are to resist prodding the Sport mode switch and letting that peppy little motor blare its heart out…

Spec for an ST-2 includes rear parking sensors, cruise control and LED lights with scrolling indicators. The B&O Play Hi-Fi isn’t worth the extra outlay, but the rear-view camera’s handy as the door mirrors are rather small. 

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