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Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Mercedes-Benz AMG GT



Final thoughts and pick of the range

AMG's mid-life tweaks to the GT supercar make it a very compelling choice.

With improved steering and a more composed rear end, the AMG GT is now a very compelling sports car. The GT C Coupe is undoubtedly the pick of the range, combining the usability of the GT S with the aggressive styling and dynamic precision of the GT R. We’d advise waiting for the Edition 50 models to sell out, though, because the near-£12,000 premium is hard to justify.

Finally, a word of warning. On smooth German roads the higher performance models didn’t feel unreasonably stiff, but on very bumpy UK roads they will be on the firm side. You can switch back to the softest damper setting regardless of which driving mode you’ve selected, which is good, but it doesn’t suddenly make the chassis fluid and compliant. It’s a bit like applying factor five sunblock in the Sahara desert; it will help - a bit - but don’t expect it to solve the problem.

Our choice from the range

This is the one we'd pick...

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT front three quarters

GT C 50 Edition 2dr Auto

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