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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Overall verdict
A few niggles aside, this V-Class feels luxurious and worth the outlay. A fine, MPV/business-express.


Plush, versatile, comforting and with decent pace for such a big car.


Brakes could use a bit more feel, expensive.


What is it?

You’ve come to this page because you’re not looking for a drivers’ car. You’re looking for something in which to stow your progeny on long trips, ferry some friends around or make a living transporting Very Important Types/professional blaggers between business events/pop concerts. Right?

Good. Because that’s what the Mercedes-Benz V-Class is all about. It’s the new version of the ageing Viano, and as such, is essentially a van that carrys humans rather than, we dunno, beer? A load of 2x4s?

It’s been thoroughly overhauled since its last iteration (hence the new nomenclature), and brings with it a new look. A handsome, plush and executive new look, we might add. Is there a better looking, more business-like van on the roads today? We surmise not. Those LED lights up front look the business, as do the 19s and AMG bodykit on our test car.

It’s a big ‘un: the ‘Long’ V-Class measures in at 5m, and the ‘Extra Long’ 5.2m. It’s 1.8m high and 2.2m wide, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that hustling it around would be onerous. This is false, as we shall explain in the next tab.

Trims range from Sport to the AMG Line range topper, and you can spec six, seven or eight seats, applied thusly: face to face with two rows of three or all pointing forwards. The rear seats themselves are single or bunched as a pair, so you can plug and play with the arrangement as you wish. Again, we shall explain why this requires caution.

And to the elephant in the room, we’re looking at you: yes it’s expensive. Prices start from just over £47k for a V220d Sport, to around £53k for the V250d AMG Extra Long. Our test car – a V250d AMG Extra Long, weighed in at £58k with a few option boxes ticked.