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Nissan Leaf

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The Top Gear car review: Nissan Leaf



Final thoughts and pick of the range

This gen-2 Leaf hits a broad sweet spot of usability, likability and affordability.

If you’re a total road warrior, hell-bent on end-to-end 300-mile motorway stints with just a wee and a sandwich between, the Leaf will not serve you.

If you’re a driver who loves the process of combustion and the involvement of a chassis, then again no. (Although actually at real-traffic speeds, hypermiling a Leaf can be more engaging than reining back a sports car.)

But that still leaves a vast constituency who are scared of a pure EV. This Leaf dismantles those fears. It can go a long way from a home charge. Recharging en route, if planned in advance, needn’t be a hurdle. Then the cheapness of avoiding petroleum opens up ahead of them.

But the real joy of the Leaf isn’t the money, it’s the motor, and its charming grace. For the way most people drive (if not, literally, for petrolheads), it’s simply a better source of motion.

Other manufacturers are beginning to agree that the best and most efficient electric cars will be the ones purpose-designed with light aerodynamic bodies and battery-friendly packaging, not adaptions of petrol cars. Nissan has been doing it for a long time now, and this gen-2 Leaf is the result. It hits a broad sweet spot of usability, likability and affordability.

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