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Toyota C-HR

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The Top Gear car review:Toyota C-HR



Final thoughts and pick of the range

C-HR handles well and looks quirky, but hybrid and infotainment systems let the package down

You might have guessed by now, but we’re genuinely upset about the loss of the 1.2-litre petrol setup. It’s not all about the engine of course, in fact it’s mainly because the C-HR now only comes with those CVT auto gearboxes. The CVT hinders acceleration and makes the engine sound droney at anything more than half-throttle or when scaling any incline.

The new 2.0-litre hybrid is the one to have, though. With almost 50 per cent more power than its 200cc smaller sibling, it’s able to mask the shortcomings of its gearbox better. Economy is still mightily impressive, too. Toyota actually reckons that, in town driving, the C-HR will run on EV power alone for 80 per cent of the time without you even pressing the corresponding button, so having a bigger internal combustion engine attached shouldn’t harm your day-to-day mpg by too much. It’ll make overtakes and motorway driving a far more satisfactory experience too.

Elsewhere, the mid-life updates have improved the rest of what’s on offer from the C-HR, but it’s still very much a Marmite car. The new soft-touch surfaces give the cabin a more premium feel, whilst it still retains the unique touches and quirky shapes of before. Plus, the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is huge news, especially for the younger demographic that the C-HR inevitably targets. The looks are similar and the Orange Edition paint is a nice shade, although at over £32,000 it does seem a little steep for the full package - that’s getting in to BMW X2 and base-spec Audi Q3 Sportback money - and at that price point you’d expect a much slicker and slightly larger infotainment screen.

If you’ve been sold on the coupe-crossover thing as a whole (lots of people have been), the C-HR will tick a lot of boxes. Plus, if you’ve been sold on Toyota’s hybrid power units it’ll do the same. And anyway, nobody listened to our advice last time, so we’ll just sit in a corner and cry about that four-cylinder engine/manual gearbox combo by ourselves…

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2.0 Hybrid Dynamic 5dr CVT

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