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Series 5

Top Gear Series 5 (2004)

The carnage continues as James and Richard upgrade the traditional playground game ‘Conkers’ with a selection of specially painted caravans. Similar destruction arises at the inaugural People Carrier Racing meet at Essex Raceway, while the presenters find out how sensible it is to buy three Porsches for less than £1,500. There’s also an epic battle on the track as Jeremy puts the Ferrari Enzo up against the Pagani Zonda and Porsche Carrera GT, and Bill Bailey, Joanna Lumley and Eddie Izzard drive the Reasonably Priced Car.

Episode 1

The one with the shootout on the beach

Series 5 kicks off with Jeremy not hating a Porsche 911, eating his own hair and getting in a muscle car shoot out down at the beach with Richard and James…

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Episode 2

The one with the skateboarder

It’s Ferrari Enzo versus Pagani Zonda versus Porsche Carrera… and a man on a skateboard versus a Mitsubishi Evo. And Richard and a Ford Focus… versus boredom.

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Episode 3

The one with the hydrofoil car

Jeremy attempts to drive a Land Rover Discovery up a Scottish mountain, while Richard floats away on Rinspeed’s hydrofoil car and the new Viper scares the bejesus out of everyone.

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Episode 4

The one with caravan conkers

Richard and James spend 24 hours in a Smart, Clarkson races Steve Coogan in a Ferrari 575, and we discover whether caravans are any good for playing conkers. Clue: they aren’t.

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Episode 5

The one with the People Carrier Race Series

JC tries to get round the Nurburgring in 10 minutes in a Jag diesel, Richard tries out the Le Mans-inspired Morgan and we take a bunch of people carriers to the track.

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Episode 6

The one with the £1,500 Porsches

We discover whether you can get a decent Porsche for £1500, whether a blind man is faster than Richard Whiteley and whether the new Golf GTI is any good.

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Episode 7

The one where Clarkson drives the Prius

Can the Mitsubishi Evo beat the Lamborghini Murcielago? Is the Boxster better than the SLK? Is the Mustang any good? Will JC hate the Prius more than anything else in the free world?

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Episode 8

The one with the race to Verbier

We try out classic racers against their modern road equivalents, race an Evo against the Norwegian bobsleigh team and put Stig on our track… in an F1 car.

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Episode 9

The one with the Atom

James tests the very expensive BMW 1-Series, Richard tests the very powerful Mercedes G55 AMG and Jeremy tests out the very fast and very face-breaking Ariel Atom.

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