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Here are 12 of the longest-range electric cars you can buy today

The EVs that’ll make range anxiety a thing of the past

Polestar 2 Top Gear
  1. Polestar 3 Long Range: 379 miles

    Polestar 3 Long Range: 379 miles

    Polestar shows no sign of slowing down as it continues to grow its product line up. The 3 – its inaugural SUV offering – is set to be offered in two states of tune, with every version getting dual motors and a whopping 111kWh battery as standard. The entry-level model pushes 482bhp and a range-topping 379 miles of range, while the schporty Performance Pack version gets 510bhp, but a reduced 347 miles of range. Prices start at £79,900, with the Performance Pack an additional £5,600, and first deliveries are expected in summer 2024.

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  2. Mercedes-Benz EQE 300 AMG Line: 380 miles

    Mercedes-Benz EQE 300 AMG Line: 380 miles

    Meet the Mercedes EQS’s little brother. Where the EQS is the S-Class of Mercedes electric cars, the EQE is – you guessed it – the E-Class of Mercedes electric cars. While it admittedly looks very similar to the former, it’s more medium saloon in size thanks to its 90mm shorter length, and only gets an 89 or 90kWh battery (as opposed to the EQS’s 108kWh unit) dependent on spec. The entry-level model is the EQE 300, which gets a single-motor, rear-wheel drive setup for a maximum 380 miles. What range anxiety?

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  3. BMW iX xDrive50: 380 miles

    BMW iX xDrive50: 380 miles

    BMW’s first purpose-built electric vehicle since the i3 continues to split opinion, and it’s not hard to see why. Does it get any better looking if you live with one? We tried just that to find out, which you can read all about by clicking these blue words. All models get twin motors and all-wheel drive, beginning with the xDrive40 with a 71kWh battery, good for up to 264 miles. The xDrive50 harbours 105.2kWh though, hence it's very handy 380 miles.

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  4. Volkswagen ID.7: 384 miles

    Volkswagen ID.7: 384 miles

    Volkswagen’s first all-electric saloon rights some (but not all) of the wrongs of the ID range before it, and it’ll go further than any of its siblings too. Its impressive range is in part thanks to its slippery design, with its coupe profile helping contribute to a low drag efficient of just 0.23Cd. At time of writing the Launch Edition claims 384 miles from its 77kWh battery, but a larger 86kWh batteried version is on the way with a headline figure of 430 miles. That’ll bump it up this list nicely. 

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  5. BMW i7 xDrive60: 387 miles

    BMW i7 xDrive60: 387 miles

    The seventh generation of BMW’s range topper launches with electrons, and it’s here to bring new meaning to electric luxury limousines. We’ll leave you to decide on the looks, though the bigger talking point is arguably the huge 31.3in panoramic television (‘theatre’) screen that folds out of the roof for rear-seat passengers. Under the skin you get a 105.7kWh battery, 536bhp from two electric motors, and up to 387 miles on a single charge. More than enough to cover the average 23-mile round commute several times over…

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  6. Tesla Model 3 Long Range: 390 miles

    Tesla Model 3 Long Range: 390 miles

    The Model 3 has been a consistent best-seller in the UK electric charts ever since launch, and in late 2023 it underwent its biggest update yet, with sharper looks, extensive interior updates, improved aero... and even more range. The entry-level rear-wheel model now offers a claimed 318 miles of range (up from 305 miles), while the dual motor, all-wheel drive long range variant will now do a claimed 390 miles from a full charge. Tasty.

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  7. Tesla Model S: 394 miles

    Tesla Model S: 394 miles

    First launched back in 2012, the fact the Model S remains on this list a decade later proves the unconventional brand is doing something right. While we eagerly await the 620-mile-boasting Roadster launch (it's been repeatedly delayed), the entry-level dual motor, AWD Model S is good for up to 394 miles (that's an EPA estimate, FYI). Again, you'll take a range-hit for the top-spec Plaid, equipped with three motors, 1,006bhp, but slightly reduced range maxing out at 373 miles. No RHD versions sold in the UK now, we should add.

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  8. Polestar 2 Long Range: 406 miles

    Polestar 2 Long Range: 406 miles

    Volvo’s former racing offshoot has now turned its attention to EVs, and it’s starting to make a name for itself. For all the right reasons too. Leading the way is the Polestar 2: facelifted in summer 2023, the most significant change increases the maximum range. The entry-level standard range single motor version now gets a 69kWh battery offering up to 339 miles (up from 275), while the long range single motor also gets a bigger 82kWh unit capable of up to 406 miles (up from 336). Not bad going.

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  9. Porsche Taycan: 421 miles

    Porsche Taycan: 421 miles

    Porsche’s first all-electric car was already a hugely impressive feat of engineering, but come 2024 it’s now even better thanks to a significant mid-life facelift which improves power, range and charging times. A bigger battery, now with a gross capacity of 105kWh (up from 93kWh), allows for up to 421 miles from a single charge in the rear-drive Taycan, a 35 per cent increase. Crikey. And 320kW charging capability, up 50kW over the old model, means a 10-80 per cent charge will take just 18 minutes, compared to 37 minutes in the pre-facelift car. Sheesh.

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  10. Fisker Ocean 'Extreme': 440 miles

    Fisker Ocean 'Extreme': 440 miles

    Fisker's Ocean SUV is available in a range of trims, from the base-spec 'Sport' offering a single-motor, front-wheel drive layout and up to 288 miles of range, right up to the range-topping 'Extreme'. That car, with its dual motor, all-wheel drive setup and 113kWh battery is reportedly capable of a whopping 440 miles. However, all is not well at the firm: it recently slashed prices of the model from $61,499 to $37,499 - allegedly because it's so short of cash - and reports suggest its future is in serious trouble unless it can find more funding.

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  11. Mercedes EQS 450+ AMG Line: 511 miles

    Mercedes EQS 450+ AMG Line: 511 miles

    Yeah, you could travel the 332 miles from London to Edinburgh by train, but you’d also have to share that train with *gasp* the general public. And no one needs that stress in their life. Instead, why not relax in Mercedes’ electric limo, the EQS, which the German manufacturer claims will now manage up to 511 miles post facelift in its most efficient configuration? That’s an increase of 51 miles over the pre-facelift EQS, and comes courtesy of its bigger 118kWh battery, up from 108kWh. Who’d bet against it topping this list before too long… 

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  12. Lucid Air Grand Touring: 516 miles

    Lucid Air Grand Touring: 516 miles

    The current rangetastic king comes from Silicon Valley-based Lucid with its Air electric saloon, which boasts up to 516 miles in its top spec. To get there you’ll have to wade through no less than four variants, from the entry-level Pure (473bhp, 410 miles of range), to the Touring (612bhp, 425 miles), and range-topping Sapphire, featuring a three-motor powertrain, 1,184bhp, a 0-60mph time of under two seconds and a top speed of over 200mph. Wowzers.

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