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Want a Rolls-Royce that’s even flashier than usual? Here are three

One-off Ghost, Phantom and Spectre models are inspired by picturesque locations and take exterior and interior design up to 11

Published: 22 Apr 2024

What’s better than one special edition Rolls-Royce? Three that resemble various scenic locations, obviously! And that’s exactly what we’ve been treated to by the Spirit of Ecstasy marque, which has displayed a unique colourway of its Phantom, Spectre and Ghost models at the China Autoshow. Let’s start with the one inspired by Mayfield Lavender Farm.

Dubbed the Ghost ‘Expressionism’ and finished in a shade of purple that’s… blue, or Boracay Blue to be specific, the Ghost is meant to imitate a sunset over Boracay Island in the Philippines. The main theme is then complemented by a lime green coachline which represents the island’s tropical flora and fauna.

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Inside, the lime green accents continue across the black/white leather upholstery, and can also be spotted along the doors. In fact, the doors themselves are created using over 140,000 stitches, which… is a lot of stitches. The Starlight roof also mimics the door stitching patterns to create a truly gorgeous cabin. Though it’s not quite the same as being on Boracay Island itself, particularly if you exit the car and realise you’re at Cobham Services.



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Second in command is the Spectre ‘Escapism’, whose Lantana Red finish is supposed to look like the tropical haven that is South America. Though it could just as easily be a good summer’s evening overlooking Dartford Crossing. That’s particularly true when you consider the grey hue used to finish the bonnet, roof and pillars is quite similar to the rusted metal seen holding said bridge together.

The interior is, naturally, quite something. You’ll spot a generous amount of purple silk and sunset-themed leather playing second-fiddle to the mostly grey palate. The Starlight has also seen a bit of an upgrade from the Ghost, with 960 fibre-optic stars dotted around eight white shooting stars. Sadly, there’s no International Space Station seen.


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Last but certainly not least will be the trio’s figurehead: the Phantom ‘Magnetism’. The white paint along the lower two-thirds is called Cala Luna Sand, which is meant to imitate the sand of a moonlit beach. The upper section then takes after Kabira Blue, signalling the, er, sea in front of the beach.

As expected, the interior cranks things up even further from the Spectre, where blue, grey and white leather make up the dominant colours. You’ll also spot a sprinkling of obsidian atop the wood sections. Yes, we too are sitting here questioning our past financial decisions and wondering why we don’t have one of these Phantoms. 

Chris Brownridge, the CEO of Rolls-Royce, said: “These individual motor cars exemplify the power of our Private Office strategy. By placing Bespoke designers in super-luxury centres around the world, they are even better placed to translate regional preferences and codes of luxury into fabulously personal and emotionally resonant Rolls-Royce motor cars, creating ever-more value for our clients.”

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