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Tuesday 5th December
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Here are 10 of the best superminis you can buy right now

Plus, a tiny wildcard that might be just a tad more fun

Driving shot of grey Honda E
  • Toyota Yaris

    Driving shot of red Toyota Yaris

    The top-scoring GR version of the Yaris was a limited edition pipe dream for most. More widely available, the standard Yaris offers charm, decent connectivity and great fuel economy in an attractive supermini package. The hybridisation won't suit everyone, so bow out if your middle name isn't 'Practical'. 

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  • Dacia Sandero

    Driving shot of Dacia Sandero

    Arguably the Dacia brand rewrote the rules for the market, delivering smart-looking models like the Sandero for obscenely good value-for-money. This one sits on the same platform as the Renault Clio, which is the only mention that once-supreme supermini gets on this list. 

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  • Seat Ibiza

    Driving shot of a red Seat Ibiza

    Built on the same platform as the Polo and Fabia, this spacious VW Group sibling doesn't shine as brightly or stand apart from its stablemates – which is probably why VW has taken the decision to pursue Cupra as the brand for an electrified future. Still, the Ibiza is capable enough if given a chance. 

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  • Mini Hatch

    Driving shot of Mini Hatch

    News that electric models will continue being built at the Mini plant in Oxford has bolstered the appeal of this ever-lasting supermini. It’s not super practical, but the Mini's style, heritage and a good choice of engines make up the difference – even if there are those Union Jack flag lights to contend with.

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  • Peugeot 208

    Driving shot of a sporty yellow Peugeot 208

    The 208's most recent updates have made it more competitive against long-standing rivals like the Fiesta (RIP) and Polo. Not only are there all the powertrain options, it's stylish and if you have plenty of cushion in your rear appendage, you're going to overlook the firm ride for this fun, French tearaway. 

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  • Skoda Fabia

    Driving shot of orange Skoda Fabia from the rear

    The smallest Skoda of them all now there's no Citigo, the Fabia is now in its fourth generation. It's essentially a Polo underneath, and while it doesn't carry the badge respect in some circles, it delivers a build quality that is just as classy for less money. Plus, it's got all of those helpful little tools like the ice scraper and umbrella you never knew you needed... until, er, you need them.

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  • Honda E

    Driving shot of grey Honda E

    Granted, the dinky Honda E is the expensive choice of supermini. And some might argue it actually qualifies as a city car with its footprint. Whatever: it is impossibly cute and enormously desirable and that's all that really matters here.

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  • Volkswagen Polo

    Rear driving shot of VW Polo on country road

    The VW Polo holds its own in a busy supermini marketplace. The sizeable leap the sixth-gen model has made over the old car is enough to keep the Polo performing well against some tough competition. What it lacks in excitement, it makes up for in mature, responsible adulting... like every good quadragenarian. 

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  • Hyundai i20

    Static shot of Hyundai i20 in a garage

    The fact the Ford Fiesta is now out of production isn't what makes the i20 a worthy option for your supermini shortlist. It's smart, underpinned by clever tech and a mild hybrid powertrain means there are enough green smarts to keep ULEZ champions happy. Granted, if you could you'd trade up to the N version, but the regular i20 is still a pleasing little motor.

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  • Wildcard: Citroen Ami

    Driving shot of the Citroen Ami

    We get it. The Ami is definitely a marmite-kinda motor that won’t suit everyone. And it's not even a supermini. Heck, it's not even a car. Who knows. Who cares. It’s a stupidly lovable – albeit slow – city run around. Which begs the question, what’s the rush anyway?

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  • Citroen C3

    Citroen C3

    A characterful supermini with decent levels of comfort, the C3 has ended up as a likeable little car. If not for those with choice paralysis.

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