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Jaguar F-Pace

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Jaguar F-Pace


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

Just as the Ingenium engine impresses, this is also Jaguar’s finest interior to date. It borrows elements from the XF and XE, but its cutting edge InControl Pro infotainment system adds a wonderful 10.2-inch touchscreen with razor-sharp graphics, does away with buttons altogether and operates as intuitively as an iPad.

It’s all nicely put together and ergonomically slick. Though it must be said the Macan has a more interesting cabin, what with its familiarity from Porsche 911s and Boxsters, where the F-Pace shares its DNA with sensible XEs and XFs. Jaguar can make a character-rich interior, as the XJ limo proves, but this one appears to have been designed with ease of use and wide global appeal in mind.

It’s a wide car, the F-Pace (nearly two metres across – yikes!), with a relatively long wheelbase and short overhangs. That means you can easily sit three adults in the back and there’s 650 litres of boot space with the rear seats up or a commodious 1,740 litres with them folded, versus 500/1,500 for the Macan.

It’s also more boot space than Jaguar’s own XF Sportbrake, though not by a huge amount. The traditionalists may wish to stick with an old-fashioned estate, and the XF is a fine one. But the F-Pace edges it on space. Its seats are also extraordinarily comfy, and it’s nice and hushed inside. You’d have to drive hundreds of miles to feel the remotest bit fatigued.

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