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Porsche Macan

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Porsche Macan



Running costs and reliability

As usual for a Porsche, watch out for the options list. Heated seats are one of several mean omissions from the standard kit list, and you can also spend plenty of chassis tech upgrades to tweak the handling. You certainly don’t need to, we’d argue…

As the Macan has been doing sterling business for Porsche for a few years, there are a few truths to be confident of if you’re looking to buy. Your money’s safe – residual values are tough and minimal updates for this revised model won’t shock-drop prices of existing Macans – and as ever, don’t expect that speccing the 18-way electric sport seats (£1,263), the high-end Burmester hi-fi (£3,359) or dubiously hued seatbelts or dial faces or body colour-matched alloys will retain your ‘investment’ come resale time. There’s a reason most of the Macans you see prowling the school run are monochromatic examples on big wheels with sunroofs and dark leather.

Among the more tempting options are the various handling aids, like the £804 Sport Chrono pack (a stopwatch, Sport mode and a mode-switching dial for ramping up engine and gearbox response) and £1,860 air suspension with PASM (Porsche loves an acronym, that one’s for Active Suspension Management), which, if anything, makes the Macan handle too well. There’s so little sensation of roll, such mind-pulverising cornering speeds and such clever hiding of weight transfer, it’s likely to give you a headache from contemplating the mathematics involved.

Oh, and if the delectable Mamba Green (£674) and Miami Blue (£1,676) hues aren’t to your taste, there are plenty of boring blacks and greys that Porsche will spray your Macan instead. But go on, be brave. You’re buying the best sporting SUV in the world – why shy away from that?

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