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Seat Leon

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Seat Leon



Final thoughts and pick of the range

Spain’s strongest attempt to out-Golf the Golf yet. A stylish, well-equipped and cheaper version of its German cousin

The new Leon is Spain’s strongest attempt to out-Golf the Golf yet. And it’s really not far off it. Largely because it’s based on the same spangly MQB platform as the MkVIII Golf and upcoming Audi A3 – so might finally be the car to lure budget-conscious hatch buyers from the German end of the new car market and into something a bit sharper, smarter-looking and with keener handling.

In fact, VW may have accidentally taken its eye off the ball and made the Leon closer in comparison than it might like. See, the VW Golf now has an enemy within: an electric competitor, the ID3. A mass-market electric car that’s very much like a Golf but electric. The new Golf feels like it’s playing second fiddle to that marketing push post-dieselgate. And, being distrcted by this new family member, it feels that VW may have given the Leon a leg up. Because if you want a Golf that’s not a Golf, for a bit less money, this is the car to have.

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