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The biggest car reviews of 2017

Fancy a new car for the new year? Here’s the best of what 2017 had to offer

  1. Nissan Qashqai

    One of Britain’s best-selling cars, the new Nissan Qashqai aims to combine practicality with hatchback running costs.

    But, crucially, has it worked? Find out here.

  2. Audi RS6

    You want stealth? You can’t handle the stealth. This is Audi’s most amusing car – including the R8 – for sheer wilful silliness. Insanely fast. And practical.

    Full review here.

  3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain 4x4²

    A thoroughly engineered flight-of-fantasy that feels suspiciously like it might be another limited-run bit of fun from Mercedes. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    Full review here.

  4. Mazda CX-5

    There aren’t many mainstream carmakers that don’t make a bad car. Mazda has been for a few years now, and we’re pleased to say that thanks to the new CX-5, it still is.

    Full review here.

  5. Alfa Romeo Stelvio

    On the same road and same conditions, the Stelvio isn’t as much as fun as a Giulia and on a similar plain to the F-Pace, but then what did we expect? On the other hand it’s more spacious and practical than a Giulia and might just get you out of a muddy car park. All things considered, Alfa has done an admirable job on converting its value into an SUV package.

    Full review here.

  6. Skoda Karoq

    The Karoq might have lost its predecessor’s personality, but on every other front it’s a better car than the one it replaces. Not only that – it does enough to stand out among some strong rivals in one of the fightiest corners of the car market. In the right spec and with the right engine, this is an eight-out-of-ten car. So long as you forgive it for killing the Yeti.

    Full review here.

  7. Range Rover Velar

    The Velar’s cabin and new display/control system are good to use, and beautiful. It’s a nice place to be in the long-term, but the initial impact is stunning. Give anyone a lift and they’ll be wowed.

    For the driver, it’s about relaxed security rather than engagement. Let it lower your heartbeat and enjoy the panoramic view of the scenery.

    Full review here.

  8. Hyundai i30N

    It’s nuts really, because what Hyundai’s developed here is a very cohesive all-rounder. But so carefully developed has it been, so balanced are all its parameters that it arguably lacks a prominent USP, a character defect to lend it extra charisma. Ironically, the imbalance of more power would probably sort that out.

    But as it stands the i30 N is a massive success. It’s got an edge. It’s nothing like any other Hyundai and at least as competent and engaging as the majority of the competition. Honda Civic Type R included.

    Full review here.

  9. Volkswagen Arteon

    Taking the fight to Audi and BMW in a niche marketplace is an ambitious move from Volkswagen even with a car as boldly styled and extensively equipped as the Arteon. To drive it doesn’t stand out against its rivals though, which is a problem, but, really, the greatest hurdle the Arteon faces is the lack of an upmarket badge…

    Full review here.

  10. Tesla Model 3

    Unsurprisingly, your most viewed car review of the year is Tesla’s all-new, affordable electric hatch.

    Full review here.

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