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Wednesday 4th October

Here’s every electric convertible available now or potentially in the future

The best eco-friendly drop-tops money can currently buy, plus those to keep an eye out for

Genesis X Convertible
  1. Fiat 500 Convertible

    Fiat 500 Convertible

    Fiat’s born-again city car for the electric era is also available as a drop-top – of sorts. Because in place of the tin-top roof, you simply get a fabric roof that folds backwards toward the boot. Not quite a full-full convertible, then, but still better than a sunroof.

    Opening or closing the roof takes 25 seconds (at speeds up to 62mph), and Fiat says it gets the same sized 185-litre boot as the hard-topped electric 500. Indeed, roll-back roof aside it’s largely identical to the regular electric version, though it’s only available with the larger 42kWh battery, for a claimed range of up to 199 miles. 

    Prices start from £34,195, but given the currently very limited options when it comes to both going electric and topless as shall shortly be revealed, the 500C has undeniably got plenty of appeal. Just try resisting that adorable face…

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  2. Abarth 500e Cabrio

    Abarth 500e Cabrio Top Gear

    Based on the Fiat you see above, the Abarth 500e Cabrio adds colour, sound and a little bit of speed to the all-electric convertible game.

    And yes, we really did say sound. The Italian firm has deployed something that it calls the 'Abarth Sound Generator', which is basically a giant external speaker that's mounted underneath the little hot hatch and plays old-school Abarth engine noises to make this 500e sound like an old petrol-powered 595.

    We also said only 'a little bit' of speed. That's because the lightly breathed-on Abarth gets just 149bhp and 173lb ft of torque driving its front wheels. As a result, 0-62mph takes 7.0 seconds and the range from the same 42kWh battery drops to just 164 miles on the WLTP cycle. Not rapid, but then surely that bright colour and sporty bodykit adds at least an extra 20bhp. 

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  3. Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio

    Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio

    The Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio is currently your only real alternative to the Fiat 500 Convertible, but it’s not without its drawbacks – primarily, its 80-mile range.

    That said, if you live in the city or have a secondary car, living with the Smart is doable. It gets an 82bhp electric motor mated to a tiny 17.2kWh battery – heck, these days there’s plug-in hybrids with bigger batteries than that – but its teeny tiny size is perfect for nipping around town, and an 0-80 per cent charge is possible in 40 minutes using a 22kW charger.

    With prices starting from £24,645 – some £10k less than the Fiat – it’s also the cheapest convertible electric option available. And for that alone, worth its place on this list. 

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  4. Mini Electric Convertible

    Mini Electric Convertible

    Soon set to join the electric convertible party is this, the Mini, er, Electric Convertible. Unveiled in February following positive feedback to its one-off revealed back in summer 2022, Mini is only building 999 of its open-top go-karts, and just 150 are destined for UK shores. Better get those cheque books at the ready ASAP.

    Like the regular Mini Electric, it’s available in one iteration only, a single-motor setup that mates a 182bhp electric motor to a 32.6kWh battery. Mini claims a 0-62mph time of 8.2secs and up to 125 miles of range, just shy of the electric hatch’s 145-mile range.

    The electrically powered fabric soft top is able to open and close at speeds of up to 18mph, while the 160-litre bootspace remains unchanged. But here’s the catch. Where the regular-roofed Mini starts from £32,550, the convertible starts from… £52,550. Yikes.

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  5. GMC Hummer EV

    GMC Hummer EV

    GMC’s new Hummer EV isn’t, admittedly, a conventional convertible, but hear us out. Because what it does get is a completely removable roof, and given that it’s currently a very small three-pony race if you’re after a soft-top EV, we reckon that’s good enough.

    The American manufacturer says that removing the four roof panels and the front T-bar creates a “unique open-air experience”. Sun in your face, wind in your hair… you know the deal. Said roof panels can also be stored in the frunk, and because they’re transparent, wet weather doesn’t have to ruin the moment either.

    Under the skin the Hummer EV gets a whopping 205kWh battery paired to three e-motors, outputting 1,000bhp, 11,500lb ft of torque and up to 350 miles of range. And we guarantee it’ll take you further off the beaten track than anything else on this list.

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  6. Tesla Roadster

    Tesla Roadster

    We’ve been waiting for an open-roofed Roadster since 2017, when Tesla first pulled the covers off its second gen model. Mind-bogglingly quick we were told it was too, capable of 0-60mph in 1.9secs, 0-100mph in 4.2secs, and a top speed somewhere above 250mph, courtesy of three electric motors. Crikey, that’s scary fast even with a roof over your head.

    But the original sale date of 2020 came and went, when it was pushed back to 2021. And with the arrival of 2021, it was pushed back to 2022… when it was then pushed back to "hopefully 2023", with Musk stating the company’s focus would instead be, er, robots. And seemingly Twitter. We’re not saying our patience is wearing thin, but… any chance, Musk?

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  7. Polestar 6

    Polestar 6

    You might recognise this as the O2 Roadster, a two-seat fully electric concept revealed back in 2021, which attracted such acclaim when it was unveiled that it convinced the firm to make it a reality. Say hello to the Polestar 6, expected due date 2026.

    Given Polestar’s design form to date, it comes as little surprise that the 6 looks as superb as it does. We’re told it’ll sit on the same bespoke platform that’s going to underpin the Polestar 5, while it’ll also get two electric motors, 872bhp, 664lb ft of torque, and be capable of the 0-62mph sprint in just 3.2secs on its way to over 155mph. Nice.

    It’s not going to come cheap mind, with a price somewhere in the region of $200,000 having been mooted, but there’s plenty of EV pedigree here. And when it looks this good…

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  8. Fisker Ronin

    Fisker Ronin

    Project Ronin is the third car to emerge from Fisker Automotive (after the Ocean SUV and Pear city car), and it claims that when it eventually arrives – a 2025 debut is planned – it’ll be the world’s first all-electric, four-door convertible, GT Sports Car.

    Work on the Ronin started in 2021, with a 600-mile range (which would make it the longest-range electric car in production) and more than 1,000bhp the target. A 0-60mph time of close to two seconds and a top speed of 170mph should be achievable thanks to its three motor all-wheel-drive setup. All things to all people, seemingly.

    Should provide the perfect antidote to the many, many electric SUVs emerging too. Though, with a price tag of $385,000, it’ll likely sadly only be affordable to few.

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  9. MG Cyberster

    MG Cyberster

    Say hello to the MG Cyberster. First teased in concept form back in 2021, it has since evolved into a fully fledged production model, as revealed at the 2023 Shanghai Motor Show. And doesn’t it just look the part?

    While not quite as radical as the initial concept, nor those teased on MG’s social media channels earlier in the month, the latest pictures suggest it pleasingly hasn’t deviated too far from the initial sketches either. MG says it’ll go on sale in the UK and Europe next summer, just in time for that sun-kissed roadtrip you’ve always dreamt of.

    There’s still few confirmed details on the born-again MGB performance wise, but MG has previously said it’s targeting a 0-62mph time of under three seconds and a Tesla Roadster-rivalling range of almost 500 miles. Watch out, Elon.

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  10. Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e

    Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e

    First revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show (remember them?), the Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e was a gorgeous two-seat convertible concept that previewed the British luxury marque’s electric future, and offered the public the chance to give feedback.

    While the exterior looks were familiar, it was a different story inside with its yoke-like steering wheel and ‘pods’ for driver and passenger, the idea being that occupants would sit between batteries, rather than on top of them. Smart thinking, we reckon. Though the concept car only had enough electrical power to move it on and off show stands, Bentley said any production version would have a real-world range of around 300 miles.  

    Roll round to today, and with Bentley planning to launch a new electric car every year between 2025 and 2030, and the Bentayga, Flying Spur and Continental GT also set to get the EV treatment, we’d wager the Conti GTC won’t be too far off what we saw here.

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  11. Maserati GranCabrio Folgore

    Maserati GranCabrio Folgore

    The new Maserati GranTurismo Folgore is a car we’ve already driven, and a car we like very much. The marque’s first ever pure EV adopts a tri-motor setup (two at the back, one at the front, each rated at 400bhp) paired with a 92.5kWh battery, good for 750bhp, 995lb ft of torque, and a range of up to 280 miles. Click these blue words to read our full review.

    That car’s obviously not why we’re here, but back when it was revealed last year, Maserati also released a series of camouflaged shots of a new GranCabrio. An electric version is also expected – presumably with the same triple-motor setup as the GranTurismo – and given our experience there, a drop-top version is a car we’re very much looking forward to.

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  12. VW ID.3 Convertible

    VW ID.3 Convertible

    Back in 2021, Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter shared a selection of renders of a Volkswagen ID.3 Convertible on social platform LinkedIn. What a tease.

    He added that a drop-top ID.3 "could provide an entirely new, extraordinary feeling of freedom", adding that it is "a very tempting idea” with VW’s design team having “already sketched out some initial ideas”. Those he shared, presumably.

    However, he also added that Volkswagen’s designers are “still pondering how to turn this attractive concept into reality”, and the silence ever since suggests this one may have been consigned to the wastepaper bin. You never know though, eh?

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  13. Genesis X Convertible

    Genesis X Convertible

    First there was the X Concept two-door coupe. Then there was the X Speedium Coupe shooting brake. And then we got the X Convertible you see pictured here, arguably the pick of the trio. Doesn’t it just look sensational?

    Similarly styled to its hard-topped concept car siblings with its aerodynamic shape, long bonnet and signature lights front and rear, the four-seat convertible concept’s biggest talking point is its folding hardtop roof, which gets glass panels above the front seats to provide an open feel even when closed. Should prove handy in Blighty, we reckon.

    Genesis neglected to mention any powertrain specifics other than it would be electric when it was revealed back in late 2022 – fingers crossed this thing makes it to market one day.

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  14. Pininfarina B95

    Pininfarina B95

    The Pininfarina B95 is a roofless hypercar of the Aston Martin V12 Speedster, Ferrari Monza SP1/SP2, and McLaren Elva ilk – only unlike those three, which are powered by good ol’ fashioned internal combustion engines, the B95 is powered by electrons only.

    It gets the same powertrain as the Pininfarina Battista, with a 120kWh lithium-ion T-shaped battery mated to four motors, one for each wheel. Combined, there’s 1,874bhp and 1,696lb ft of torque to play with, which results in 0-62mph in under two seconds on to a top speed of 186mph. Spare a thought for any flies that dare stand in your way. 

    To ensure that it is, erm, actually drivable at those speeds, fully adjustable aero screens deflect air over the cabin, says Pininfarina. Just 10 examples are reportedly being built – though you’ll need deep pockets, with each costing ‘from’ £3.75m. Sheesh.

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