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Mazda Mazda2

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Mazda Mazda2


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

More Mazda common sense in here. The layout is just perfect. Infotainment screen in your eyeline – touch-sensitive when you’re stationary, but operable with a clickwheel on the move. Genius. Clear dials front and centre, but no over-abundance of frivolous information. Big, chunky (though it has to be said, not especially tactile) twisty heater controls. Sensibly-placed USB ports with a handy phone-stowage tray just in front. A proper manual handbrake. An armrest with extra storage underneath. None of this is centrefold-sexy stuff, but it’s sure as heck useful. Everything’s exactly where you’d expect it to be. So, plenty of common sense then. Just a pity there’s barely a flash of colour or anything to lift the ambience beyond ‘Eeyyore hangover’.

The driving position is a real strong suit – a well-shaped seat with plenty of adjustment and a huge amount of steering wheel reach/rake movement too. Even newer superminis struggle on this stumbling block, but you’ll not fail to get comfy in the 2.

The infotainment lives in a touchscreen atop the dash that, no, doesn’t fold away. For some reason that seems to really offend some people. The graphics are a tad dated now, but on all but the base model you get Android and Apple smartphone mirroring. The native nav isn’t great, but you’re unlikely to use it.

The 2’s diminutive size means it ain’t the roomiest supermini on the block, though, and anyone nearing six foot will feel hemmed in if they’re sat at the back. Much better news in the boot: 280 litres with the seats up, or 950 litres with the backrests folded down.