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Toyota Supra

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Toyota Supra



Final thoughts and pick of the range

A thoroughly capable all-round coupe. But not a purebred Toyota

Toyota builds a better BMW. It’s impossible to separate the new Supra from its underpinnings – not least beause they stare you in the face when you get in. But equally that opening statement holds true. Toyota has built a very talented driver’s car.

It’s as if their engineers, having been landed with a package of BMW bits, squared their shoulders and decided to prove a point. It might not be the most charismatic car (how could it be with its confused upbringing?) but it does know how to get down a difficult road. Or around a track. Or along a motorway.

It’s a very complete coupe. Big enough inside, well equipped, handsome, rapid and good-natured. It’s grown-up, yet compact, agile, yet smooth. It’s a clever piece of engineering. A car you’d enjoy driving anywhere, a car that probably strikes the best compromise of GT and sportiness of any car in its class. 

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