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Here are 22 cheap electric cars available in the UK

A roundup of the cheap EVs you need to check out right now

Vauxhall Corsa electric
  • Dogood Zero – from £5,995

    The new Dogood Zero driving round a corner

    The Dogood Zero is officially the cheapest new car on sale in the UK. Think of it more as a fancier scooter or a covered e-bike rather than a compromised car – it makes the limited range, crazy looks and sluggish performance easier to deal with. It's super cheap to fill up with electricity though, with a tiny 4.8kWh battery that's good for an official range of 50.3 miles. Crunch time: it's this or the bus.

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  • Citroen Ami - from £8,495

    Driving shot of the Citroen Ami

    The Ami is a rubbish car, if you could call it one. But it’s an entirely loveable object. It’s not fun to drive, but it is fun to use. In a city, at least. There’s a joy in its simplicity; in the way that it’s been designed; in the way that Citroen is embracing quirkiness. It’s not sophisticated or ground-breaking, but it is fun and interesting, and if it’s convinced a few Londoners to commute in one rather than mostly idling a big SUV, then that’s a good thing.

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  • Dacia Spring – from £14,995

    Static shot of 2024 Dacia Spring

    Making its debut in right-hand drive for the very first time is the new, thoroughly updated version of Dacia’s very first fully electric car; a car that, in Euro-spec, earned’s ‘Bargain of the Year’ award 2023. We're even more excited now, because the facelifted version is on its way to the UK with a price tag that has '£14,995' written on it. What a time to be alive.

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  • Vauxhall Corsa Electric - from £26,895

    Driving shot of the 2023 Vauxhall Corsa Electric

    We delight in the sensibility and subtlety that Vauxhall brings to the EV game. No, the Corsa Electric is not as bold as a Mini or e-208. Instead of peacocking its eco credentials like its peers, it quietly deals out more range and more legroom. In cringeworthy 'Yes' trim - priced from a competitive £26,895 - it pips the MG4 by £100.

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  • MG4 EV - from £26,995

    Driving shot of MG Motors MG4 EV

    When the Dacia Spring comes to the UK later this year, we fully expect it to trump MG’s shrewdly priced 4. For now, Geely-backed MG is owning it in the affordability stakes, with the MG4 offering a generous amount of kit and decent driving dynamics.

    Find out more about the MG 4

  • Fiat 500 - from £28,195

    Driving shot of the Fiat 500

    The Fiat 500 could be marked down for lacking the fun factor of the Honda e or the Mini Electric. But it's a great choice for anyone needing a portable, good looking electric car or dipping a toe into electric waters.

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  • Nissan Leaf - from £28,495

    Driving shot of Nissan Leaf

    It's easy to appreciate the second-gen Leaf's broad sweet spot of usability, likability and affordability. Nissan's been making purpose-built EVs for over a decade now and these days, the Leaf is 'living its best life'. Rather than outmoded frumpiness, age has brought a refinement to the long-standing electric pioneer.

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  • BYD Dolphin - from £30,195

    Static shot of BYD Dolphin

    The BYD Dolphin is a cheap, small electric hatch. Sadly, it will not swim very well... or drive well either. Yes, there's some impressive tech in the batteries and the cabin, but that's matched to shonky brakes and inconsistent dynamics. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Or not.

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  • MG ZS - from £30,495

    Static high-angled shot of MG ZS

    Granted this is not a car that lives in the very heart of Top Gear's mental terrain. But it has some compelling aspects.

    Read our review of the MG ZS here

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  • Citroen e-C4 - from £30,569

    Static side shot of the Citroen e-C4

    A hatchback with the styling of a crossover, the Citroen e-C4 is a comfortable, reasonably practical car. It's also easy-to-drive and offers pretty good efficiency where range is concerned. The cabin is well-built, albeit a little basic.

    Read our review of the Citroen e-C4 here

  • MG 5 - from £30,995

    MG 5 - from £30,995

    At these prices, this size and by focussing on quicker charging times and bags of cabin kit, MG’s got a bit of an unlikely hero in the 5.

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  • Mazda MX-30 - from £31,250

    Driving shot of Mazda MX-30

    The Mazda MX-30 is stylish and smart, rather than sporty. The quirky door design won’t be to everyone’s taste, either. That said, there’s great appeal in the physical buttons, thoughtful cabin design and moderate pricing of this SUV.

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  • Renault Zoe - from £31,195

    Drving shot of Renault Zoe

    Whether it’s enough to sway you from newer, glitzier rivals – style-led options like the Honda e and Mini Electric or more straight rivals like the Peugeot e-208 – is up to you. Even Renault itself has a replacement on the horizon in the shape of its retro regen 5. Still, its place in the electric hall of fame is already assured. Mainstream EVs get no more trustworthy.

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  • Smart #1 - from £31,950

    Static shot of the Smart #1 charging

    The One is a smart electric car, by both name and nature and it's priced cleverly enough to keep it mid-table in the budget EV chart. It's neat, spacious and inoffensive but... it's also lacking in any real innovation.

    Read our review of the Smart #1 here

  • GWM Ora 03 - from £31,995

    Driving shot of the GWM Ora 03

    The cutesy retro design will no doubt win it some fans and it’s certainly more interesting to look at than rival electric hatches like the ID.3 and MG4, but Ora will have to hope that those same folk who love the pumped-up Mini aesthetic aren’t too bothered about the clunky, disconnected driving experience.

    Read our review of the GMW Ora 03 here

  • Mini Electric - from £32,550

    Driving shot of Mini Electric

    The Mini Electric’s a very complete and cheap little EV. It shows how an existing model can be adapted well. Plus, the Cooper Electric’s ‘digital era’ arrival is looming. Will it be worth the wait? Possibly.

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  • Peugeot e-208 - from £32,650

    Peugeot e-208

    The e-208's combination of range, easy personality, value and surprising desirability make it a strong contender.

    Read Top Gear’s Peugeot e-208 review

  • Kia Soul EV - from £32,875

    Drivng shot of the Kia Soul EV

    Unique and pretty versatile, the entry-level Soul has a 39kWh battery, officially giving 140 miles of range. Its price helps the Soul make this list, but it's not the battery size we'd go for. Another six grand buys the bigger 64kWh battery, doubling mileage to an impressive 280 on one charge.

    Read our review of the Kia Soul EV here

  • Volvo EX30 - from £33,795

    Driving shot of Volvo EX30

    The Volvo EX30 is a likeable and admirable car, unless you’re sat in the back of it or lost in the labyrinth that is the screen.

    Read our review of the Volvo EX30 here

  • Abarth 500e - from £34,195

    Static shot of the Abarth 500e

    It's nicely at home on B-roads or suburbs, using its small size and nifty responses to great advantage. And when you're not driving it like your backside's on fire, it's quiet and pretty civilised. It's a little more expensive than a Mini Electric, but goes further.

    Even if it's not for you, we can celebrate it because it shows the new age of electricity doesn't mean the end of the hot hatch.

    Read our review of the Abarth 500e here

  • Renault Megane E-Tech - from £34,495

    Driving shot of the Renault Megane e-tech

    Renault's nailed the electric family hatch brief superbly in the Megane E-Tech. It's fun-to-drive, has a quality cabin and looks the part.

    Read our review of the Renault Megane E-Tech here

  • Jeep Avenger - from £34,800

    Driving shot of the Jeep Avenger

    The Jeep Avenger is so cheerily capable in the one place you'd least expect, the city. Contrarily, the off-roading Avenger is an urban eco-warrior, comfortable down a road less travelled, too. The pricing for the entry-level Avenger starts from only £305 more than that of the Renault Megane E-Tech, so if convention isn't your vibe, this compact crossover might hit the beat.

    Read our review of the Jeep Avenger here

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