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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Kia Sportage

Overall verdict
It's caught up to the Qashqai, but struggles to move the game on past Nissan's cash-cow.


Plenty of kit on-board, reasonably agile, 2.0 a big step forwards


Tinny cabin quality, rough ride


What is it?

The sequel to the car that made us think seriously about Kias. It’s no shock, then, to find the new Sportage doesn’t muck about with the recipe too much. It’s morphed an angrier mono-nostril face, but beyond that it’s still a handsome, relatively roomy and well kitted-out family crossover that’s now blessed with better engines and a full gamut of anti-crash tech. 

A worthy car all round, then, but there are talented rivals all over this sector, and Kia wants to do more than just hold station. 


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