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Kia Stonic

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The Top Gear car review:Kia Stonic



Final thoughts and pick of the range

Better to drive than most small crossovers, but as hamstrung as its rivals for boot size

As far as the B-SUV segment goes, the Kia Stonic is a likeable addition. As we’ve become accustomed to, Kia has nailed the design element and it’s a good-looking, if slightly generic, small crossover that manages to look quite different to the small hatchback upon which it’s based. It’s fine to drive and well-made (even if the cabin is just too cheap in places).

The problem, though, is the price tag. No matter where you look in the Stonic range, you are effectively paying a price premium for a Rio supermini that’s been to Millets and is wearing lift shoes. While there’s an undeniable urbanite appeal to the styling and the image, the hard, cold fact is that a Stonic is around £2,000 model-for-model more expensive than Kia’s own Cee’d Sportswagon estate, which is a fundamentally better car for family duties.

Doubtless, the Stonic is going to sell well, simply because any small SUV will sell well right now, and it’s a decent car as far as it goes. There’s better, for less money, just across Kia’s showroom floor, though.

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Kia Stonic front three quarters

1.0T GDi 2 5dr

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