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The Top Gear car review:BMW X1



What is it like on the road?

BMW X1 Xdrive 20d front quarter

So far we’ve driven only the X1 25d xDrive. This has a twin-turbo engine (one for low revs and one for high), and four-wheel-drive. Its 231bhp can shift the 1575kg with useful urgency through the smooth eight-speed auto box. And it’s much quieter than the last-gen BMW diesels. Handling is pretty tidy, too, with precise steering. Only if you hurl it at a sharp bend does the chassis go soggy. Mostly it all feels progressive and nicely balanced. It’s not a dedicated off-roader but with all-season tyres ought to be good for a ski trip.

What’s really improved since the last BMW X1 is the ride. It’s supple enough to be comfy, but well-damped enough not to induce sickness in a family vehicle. It’s a nice balance, which is something you couldn’t have said before. 


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