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Land Rover Discovery Sport

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Land Rover Discovery Sport



Running costs and reliability

There’s lots about the Discovery Sport to make life easy, especially when it comes to carrying multiple people or towing big stuff. It’ll cart around 2,500kg of bikes/cars/horses and trailer assist systems will make parking it all a doddle.

Ignore the mild-hybrid talk, as for now the tech all beavers away beneath the surface and won’t affect you day-to-day, save for some light fuel savings. The most fuel-efficient Sport actually goes without it, that entry-level diesel manual claiming a mighty 47.8mpg, though that’s massively aided by ditching four-wheel drive.

Expect the plug-in hybrid, due in the next year or so, to offer a more compelling case for switching from a conventional diesel Disco. For now, that new architecture beneath has helped enlarge the fuel tank and thus boost the average range by a full 123 miles.

Oh, and the Sport also comes with a layer of artificial intelligence that will, in time, learn your music, climate control and seat massage preferences, setting the car up for you each time you drive. Spooky…

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